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Our lab research aims to understand the molecular and cellular mechanism of the development and prevention of nutrition-related chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes. We are primarily interested in two areas: 1) the role of adipogenesis and fat partitioning in the development of obesity-linked insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, and 2) how diets influence adipogenesis and fat partitioning. Three specific research interests focus on: a) the regulation of adipose-derived adipokines and inflammatory cytokines in insulin action and metabolic homeostasis; b) the molecular mechanisms linking defective adipogenesis occurring in insulin resistance and diabetes to metabolic dysregulation; c) the molecular mechanisms by which dietary factors or functional food components affect or prevent obesity and diabetes. Molecular biology, proteomics and genomics techniques are used for the cell-based and animal studies.

Dr. Xiaoli Chen, PhD. M.D.

Associate Professor and General Mills Chair in Genomics for Healthful Foods

Department of Food Science and Nutrition

University of Minnesota

St. Paul, MN  55108-1038

Office Phone: (612) 626-1220

Fax: (612) 625-5272




1334 Eckles Avenue  •  St. Paul, MN  •  55108  •  612.626.1220

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