Supernatural Beings


The anisgina are evil spirits.

Asgaya Gigagei (Red Man of Lightning)

The Red Man of Lightning is very powerful and can give strong medicine to those who help him. One day he was trapped by a huge serpent when a hunter helped him escape. He gave the hunter a pouch that guaranteed that he would always find game.

Astildihyegi (Fire Carrier)

No one is sure who, or what, Astildihyegi, the "Fire Carrier", is.

Astildihyegi walks around at night with a light, a sight that terrifies most people. Some people believe Astildihyegi is actually a witch.

Black Moccasin

A huge black moccasin that lives in the mountains and eats people.

Black Rattlesnake

The black rattlesnake is the enforcer of the rattlesnake tribe. When a human killed the chief of the rattlesnake tribe, the black rattle snake was sent to exact revenge.


Dakwa is the father of all the fish tribe. He lives in the Tennessee river.

He has been known to knock over boats to get to the people inside of them. He can swallow a man whole, without chewing. It is possible to escape after being eaten, but his stomach acid is strong and caused one man to go bald.


A great lizard living in the mountains. Like many creatures, he enjoys eating humans.

Horned Green Beetle

Thunder's dog, he can detect shape shifters like Untsaiyi ("Brass").

House Spirits

There are small invisible spirits that may come to live in people's houses. A witch cannot harm or approach a house that has a house spirit in it.

Ice Man

Ice Man is a little fellow with hair down to the ground. If he shakes his hair once, wind blows. Twice, and rain falls. The third time brings sleet and the fourth, hail.

Little Deer

Little Deer is the god of the deer. He is invisible, cannot be hurt by ordinary weapons and is extremely fast.

When a hunter kills a deer, he is expected to tell the deer that he respected the deer's sacrifice. The deer's soul will stay near the body until visited by Little Deer, which happens right away. Little Deer asks the slain deer if the proper respects were made. If they were, the deer's soul goes to Galunlati. Otherwise, Little Deer will follow the blood drops and track the hunter back to his house, where he will strike the hunter down with rheumatism.

Medicine Bear

A medicine bear is a bear that cna not only talk but can also read your thoughts. They can take a lot of damage from arrows but can be killed if enough people shoot it.


The Nunnehi are immortal and invisible, although they can make themselves visible if they choose.

They live anywhere they wish in their invisble towns. They look like humans and love music and dance. It is not uncommon for people to be able to hear them in the distance.

They generally like humans and will help lost wanderers. They have also assisted at the end of a battle when it looked like the Cherokee might lose.

Nunyunuwi (Dressed in Stone)

Nunyunuwi, "Dressed in Stone", has skin made of stone. He lives in the mountains and eats hunters. He has a cane made of bright, shining rock that leads him to his prey. He cannot stand the site of a menstruating woman, a site which makes him sick.

One day, a hunter, who was being pursued by Nunyunuwi, asked the town medicine man for help. He placed seven nude menstruating women in the road, causing Nunyunuwi to fall to the ground almost dead. He was lined with logs and burned to death. Before he died, he shared many of the great secrets he knew, including many cures for diseases. When they looked at his remains, the town discovered he had Ulunsuti.


Like many huge serpents, Salikwayi, the huge green snake, hides in mountain passes and eats humans.


The Shawano are enemies of the Cherokee. They are all magicians.


Thunder lives in the west where the sun goes down behind the water. He is very powerful and difficult to harm. He makes many trips from his home and has children all over the world.


The tlanuwa are huge hawks that carry off dogs and children. They cannot be injured by arrows and will carry away any one who fires at them.

The two parent tlanuwa live in a cave above the Little Tennesse river and Citico Creek. To save themselves from the parent's raids, a medicine man climbed to the cave, threw the baby tlanuwa to a serpent who lived in the river below and made the parents hate the serpent. They tore the serpent limb from limb and then flew away, never to be heard from again.


Tsagasi is a tiny mischievious spirit who can be helpful to those who pray to him. He trips those he doesn't like.


Tsawasi is a small mischievious spirit who occassionally helps those who pray to him.

He is tiny, handsome, has hari down to his feet and lives in grassy patches on hillsides.

Tsawasi has a lot of power over game and can help those hunters who pray to him.


These little people only come up to a man's knees. They live in nests in the sand and are very weak.

They were losing a war to the birds when a band of Cherokee showed them how to use clubs to hit the birds in the neck. The Cherokee left and the Tsundigewi won many battles until the cranes, who are very tall, came and killed them all.


Uksuhi is a huge snake (his head alone is a foot in diameteer) that lies in wait for mountain travelers. He surprises his prey, coiling around and crushing it. He then hides the body in a deep hole. He has breath that makes his prey sick. He cannot stand the smell of sweat, and smeling to much wounds him and causes him to run away.


Uktena is as wide around as a tree trunk and has horns on his head. His scales glitter like sparks of fire. Rings and spots of color run his whole length. His heart and life are stored under the seventh spot from his head. In the middle of his head blazes
Ulunsuti. All who see it are forced to run towards Uktena rather than away. Seeing Uktena while he sleeps will kill the viewer's family.

Uktena can spit poison, although the poison will not pass through a fire. Any touched by the poison grow a snake on the spot where it touched. Uktena's blood is also poison.

Uktena was killed by Aganunitsi, who took Ulunsuti and became a great medicine man.


Ulagu was an insect as large as a house. It would leave it's secret hiding place and snatch up children. Cherokee warriors finally managed to track it back to it's cave, Tsgagunyi. Inside the cave were thousands of little versions of Ulagu, which the Cherokee named yellow jackets. They set several fires at the entrance of the cave. The smoke smothered Ulagu, but the smaller insects escaped into the world where they live today.


The crystal Unlunsuti is transparent except for a blood red streak running through the center of it. It is as large as a "cartridge bullet". It must be fed the blood of a large animal twice a year. If it's master forgets to feed it, it will come out in the shape of fire and feed on the conjurer or one of his flock. The owner normally changes its hiding place every few months to keep it from finding its way out. Ulunsuti does not need to be fed if the master says it will not be needed for a while. If told that, Ulunsuti goes to sleep until it's master needs it again.

Those who control it will have success in hunting, love, rain making and anything else they can think of. It's most powerful attribute is the ability to see if a sick man will recover, a warrior will return from a war or if a man will die young.

Untsaiyi (Brass)

Untsaiyi, "Brass", lives in Uniguhi, just east of
Thunder, and is made of brass. He is the inventor of gatayutsi (a game involving a stick and stone wheel).

Being an incorrigible gambler, Untsaiyi challenges everyone who passes his house to a game. He is very sneaky and rarely loses, although when he does he uses his ability to change shape to escape.

Brass tried to run away after gambling away his life in a game against a son of Thunder. He was tracked down by Lightning and another son of Thunder, using Horned Green Beetle. Since he cannot be killed, he was tied to stake and placed in a river. He is guarded by two crows, who scare away Untsaiyi's friends, the beavers, who try to knaw through his ropes so that he can escape.


Ustutli, the "Foot" snake, is a great serpent living on the mountain Cohutta. He has three cornered, flat feet that act like suckers. He does not have legs, however, and walks like an inch worm.

Ustutli lures his prey to him by making the sounds of a young fawn. He then stands on his hind legs (he is as tall as a pine tree) and looks for approaching prey.

Utlunta (Spearfinger)

Although her real name is Utlunta, the ogress is called Spearfinger for the long fingernail on her right forefinger that was shaped like a spear. She lived in the forest in what is now western North Carolina. She was made from stone, causing arrows and spears to bounce off of her. She could assume any shape she chose, although her normal form is that of a harmless old woman. She can control all things made of stone, can lift boulders easily and can paste them together.

Using the guise of an old woman, Spearfinger would lure small children to her, offer to do their hair and then when they fall asleep, she stabs them in the back of their neck or through their heart, drawing out their livers, which she would eat. Utlunta's finger leaves no scar and the kids don't feel a thing, so the kids don't notice until several days later when they would get sick and die.

Utlunta will also wait until a family member leaves and then assume their form, sneaking into the person's house and eating the livers of the family.

They say she was caught one day in a pit the Cherokee had dug to catch her. Their arrows bounced off of her stony skin. A chickadee landed on her finger, showing the people her weak spot. Spearfinger's heart was located in her palm. They shot at her hand and an arrow pierced her palm, killing her.


Uwtsunta, the "bouncer", is a snake living in Nundayeli, the wildest part of the Nantahala river. He moves on land like an inch worm.


A great frog living in the mountains. He enjoys eating humans.

Yunwi Amaiyinehi

The Yunwi Amaiyinehi are the little peopl eof the water. Fishermen often pray to them for a good harvest.

Yunwi Tsunsdi

The Yunwi Tsunsdi are little people who live in caves on the mountainside. Although they only come up to a grown man's knees, they are powerful wonder workers.

The Yunwi Tsunsdi spend half of their time drumming and dancing. They are helpful and kind hearted and will help lost children.

They do not like to be bothered at home, and if someone gets to near they will use a bewilderment spell to make that person become lost.

They sometimes come down at night and gather corn or clear fields. To watch them do so, however, causes the viewer to die.

If a person finds an item in the woods, that person must ask permission of the Yunwi Tsunsdi before taking it. Otherwise they will follow the person and throw rocks at him.

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