FREE Self-Defense Workshops
Personal safety for students, faculty and staff is a campus concern and issue. The Department of Recreational Sports and the Office for Student Affairs are co-sponsoring several self-defense workshops at various locations on campus during the month of March.

See the Events section for more details!

Why is this important:
As a healthcare professional the more socially and culturally competent you are, the better you can relate to your patients and society as a whole.

What are the benefits of being a member:
We will be hosting several "Lunch and Learn" sessions during lunch where we provide lunch boxes and you get to listen to a guest speaker discuss his or her experiences, research and expertise on issues that affect women.
We will also be organizing community service and fund raising events.

How can you join:
Membership drive is THIS week on Thursday and Friday from noon - 1:00pm outside 4th floor lockers. Membership fee is $5 (cash)

Who can join:
All current DDS, Dental Hygeine and Dental Therapy students
*We HIGHLY encourage MEN to join.

We hope to have your support!
Thank you for your interest and time.

Farah Nia
President of WDA

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