this is a site, in memory of my old days when i liked photography


5's work


North of China, there is a city called 'LanZhou'.HuangHe, the mother river, goes through the city, its a symbol of we great northwest, this picutre represent a song, 'DongXiaoJie'.


It was after watching other photographer's photo, i tried to do a similar shoot, his photo was named "Leng" which means edge in English.



My old friend who always went out and take photos with me, we always talk about photograph.

Farwell my old friend

This is my senior year, i watch all my old freinds going back to China or stay here in the U.S., time flies, as our good time is gone.

Raining NYC

I took this photo by an iphone, i was on a car driving from Queens to Manhattan, it was cloudy and i was depressed, listening to a sad song.

The Bund

I had a two years university experience in ShangHai, the Bund is the busiest place in Shanghai.

who i am



5 wang






In the year of 2013, i bought my first camera, Canon Eos 60D, my first lens


was a 18-135mm,f4.0, then i chaned to a pro-one 24-70mm,f2.8, i went out


all the time, taking photos in day time and worked on photoshop or


lightroom ater shooting.I took like 5000 photos within one year and really


enjoyed. Then i tried some film shooting, because it was the origin of photography


I met a lot of interesting people through photography, but now i don't really shoot


a lot, a camera on phone take the place, i really missed those old times when i


was crazy about one thing.





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