The Flanders Family: From Europe to America, 2nd Ed.
Authored and Compiled by
Edith Flanders Dunbar (decd.) & Dr. Charles M. Flanders (decd.)
Dr. Charles M. Flanders Obituary (d. September 22, 2007 in Temple, TX)

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This is an updated and expanded version of the 1935 book written by Edith Flanders Dunbar. It was edited using WordPerfect 6.0 and is split into 4 volumes. Each volume is downloadable as a Zipped WPD file in native WordPerfect format or as a Zipped RTF file generated by WordPerfect.

In order to save space, these files do not include photographs, bible records, or any other images. These will be included in the book when it is published.

Owing to the untimely death of Dr. Flanders in 2007, the book will not be published.  <===

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Overview of the Flanders origins,
Discussion of various legends and stories regarding the Flanders surname,
Generations 1 - 5 descended from Steven Flanders up to the early 1800's
Zipped WPD file 30-Nov-2000    626,176 (2,607,109 unzipped)
Zipped RTF file 27-Nov-2000    433,409 (2,371,521 unzipped)
Generations 6 - 7 from late 1700's to mid-to-late 1800's
Zipped WPD file 23-Dec-2000  1,237,504 (5,900,196 unzipped)
Zipped RTF file 25-Nov-2000    782,901 (5,256,388 unzipped)
Generations 8 - 9 from early 1800's to early 1900's
Zipped WPD file 18-Jan-2001  1,219,072 (6,073,449 unzipped)
Zipped RTF file 05-Jan-2001    728,158 (5,480,570 unzipped)
Generations 10 - 13 from late 1800's to the end of the 1900's
Zipped WPD file 25-Dec-2000    471,508 (2,475,655 unzipped)
Zipped RTF file 23-Nov-2000    281,340 (2,108,912 unzipped)

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