• MinneMUN 2015UNSA hosts an annual UN simulation called MinneMUN. The event is attended to by students at the U of M as well as students of other Minnesota colleges and universities. This year's MinneMUN will be February 21, 2015 in Coffman Memorial Union.
  • A Place for SuccessLast year's team attended simulations in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco and won an Outstanding Delegation Award.
  • A Place for Learning SkillsUNSA members learn debating and negotiation skills at UN simulations around the US and at regular meetings.
  • A Place for ExplorationOur Model UN Team visits major conferences in major cities such as New Haven for Yale, Chicago, and San Francisco each year.
  • Investigate Global StudiesUNSA's home is at the Institute for Global Studies (IGS) at the University of Minnesota. Visit IGS's website today!
  • A Place for FunNot only is UNSA an educational student group, but also a place for fun. UN simulations, teambuilding, events, and meetings all exercise our creativity, humor, and friendship.
  • A Place for TeamworkAt most UN simulations, members of our team advocate in pairs and must learn cooperation, tolerance, teamwork.
  • A Place for FriendshipUNSA members become good friends in and out of sponsored events, forging relationships across diverse backgrounds and interests.
MinneMUN 20141 A Place for Success2 A Place for Learning Skills3 A Place for Exploration4 Investigate Global Studies5 A Place for Fun6 A Place for Teamwork7 A Place for Friendship8

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