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Note: These films have been arranged chronologically by topic and not by film number. If you would like to see a list of these same films arranged by film number please see the Caribbean Genealogy Research Page which has an unedited listing. More film listings for Anquilla can also be found on that page.


Register of Births

St. Kitts (1859 - 1874, 1878 - 1910, 1925), Indexed 1859-1897
St. Kitts, Nevis, Anguilla (1911-1930), Indexed 1900-1930
Nevis (1886-1910), Indexed 1886-1910

Register of Marriages

St. Kitts (1885 - 1905), Indexed 1885 - 1932
St. Kitts, Nevis, Anguilla (1916 - 1930)

Register of Deaths

St. Kitts (1859 - 1908; 1888 is missing) Indexed 1859 - 1930
Nevis (1866-1910) Indexed 1866-1910


Contains correspondence, parish records, cargo and passenger list. Court records, taxation list, military records. Includes parish churches on the islands of Antigua, Barbuda Falmouth, Nevis, St. Christopher, and Montserrat.


Collection of censuses, land grants and other documents for the former French colonies including St. Kitts.


Records of emigration from St.-Foy, Dordogne, France through the port of Bordeaux to the French West Indies (mostly Haiti); IN FRENCH

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