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Surname Researcher
Aarestrup Chris Birch
Abbott Phillip Abbott
Adams Charles Loeber
Anderson Bruce Manson
Armstrong Raymond F. Del Moor
Arnold Tian Uddenberg
Ashby Dorothy Cruzantree
Barry William P. Farrington
Berkeley Chris Birch
Berridge Tim Lacy-Hulbert
Berridge Chris Birch
Bowden Rhona Panton
Brown Lisa Newton
Bryan Chris Birch
Burt Tim Lacy-Hulbert
Burt Chris Birch
Caleb Horretta
Cardin Virginia Ness
Cassin Michelle Terrell
Cassin Denise Choppin
Clukies Tian Uddenberg
Coleman Bruce Manson
DaSilva Tian Uddenberg
Davis Chris Birch
DeFreitas Tian Uddenberg
Deravin Tian Uddenberg
Diggens Terry Hooper
Dinzey Gosta Simmons
Dolling Pauline Dolling
Du Barry William P. Farrington
DuChatellard Tian Uddenberg
Earle Chris Birch
Evelyn Tian Uddenberg
Forestall William P. Farrington
Forstall William P. Farrington
Gardiner Raymond F. Del Moor
Greaux Charles Loeber
Guishard Michael Fox
Hart David Hobson
Hobson David Hobson
Horne Tian Uddenberg
Howard Chris Birch
(Josiah 1814+)
Karin Ambrosh
Jack Raymond F. Del Moor
Jacobs Khalisa Jacobs
King Chris Birch
Laconte Charlotte Smith
Lake Ronnie Smith
Lasty (Laty) Charlotte Smith
Lagois Tian Uddenberg
LaPlace Charles Loeber
Liburd Nadira Mathlin
Liburd Michelle Terrell
Manning Chris Birch
Mardenbrough Elise Morris
Margetson Keely Smith
Maynard Jennifer Maynard
Maynard Lisa Newton
McKoy Tian Uddenberg
Millar Michael Murphy
Mitcham Jean Foster
Nash Bruce Manson
Newton Lisa Newton
O'Loughlin Dorothy Cruzantree
Ottley Nevilla Ottley
Owen Tian Uddenberg
Oxnard Bruce Manson
Paris Lisa Newton
Paris/Parris Jennifer Maynard
Parsons Rhona Panton
Pearne Sheila Mitchell
Pedder Michelle Terrell
Pemberton David Hobson
Pemberton Michelle Terrell
Piguenit Tim Lacy-Hulbert
Piguenit Chris Birch
Pinheiro Michelle Terrell
Pogson Chris Birch
Powell Lisa Newton
Questel Tian Uddenberg
Rennix Khalisa Jacobs
Roberts Tian Uddenberg
Rodrigues Tian Uddenberg
Ryan Tian Uddenberg
Seaton Khalisa Jacobs
Seton David Hobson
Smith Osman M. Corson Jr.
Somersall Osman M. Corson Jr.
Swanston Lisa Newton
Tear Elsa McKay
Tittle Bruce Manson
Tyson Tim Lacy-Hulbert
Uddenberg Tian Uddenberg
vanRomondt Dorothy Cruzantree
Wallace Lance Wallace
Walter(s) Rhona Panton
Walwyn Chris Birch
Webbe David Hobson
Webster Charles Loeber
Woodley Horretta

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