Hedvig "Sammy" Samuelson

Presentation for the Alaska Historical Society, October 6, 2006, slides / paper

Here are some possible excerpts from my great aunt's diary that I have been looking for.
Here is what Chet Huntley had to say about her.
She wrote this letter about Juneau. She spent the summer working at McKinley in 1929, and left Juneau in October of 1930.
She also played Yum-Yum in the Mikado in 1925.

Vancouver, BC: Death of a Thunderbird

Juneau, Alaska pictures:

Old Basin Road | Mount Roberts | Skater's Cabin | West Glacier Trail | Mabel Monson Burford | Brotherhood Bridge

If you have no idea what this is about, here is an article from Inside Detective from 1959. (pp.26,27,28, 29, 62, 63,64and,65) that outlines the general story.

Arnold Samuelson - Sammy's brother - Talk about your Vagabondage!

Here's how he spent less than $200 bucks for his senior year at the U of MN.
He wrote a series called the Forgotten Boys for the Minneapolis Tribune after he graduated from the U, and travelled about the US.
August 13, 1933
January 29, 1933
February 5, 1933
No Date - February 12? 1933
February 19, 1933
August 20, 1933

He spent a year with Hemingway on the Pilar in the Keys. Hemingway wrote Monologue to the Maestro for Esquire about him. When Hemingway died, he contributed to this piece in October 1963, Esquire.
Later, in November of 1937, he wrote his own story for Esquire called, Mexico for Tramps

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