Bob's Miscellaneous Pictures

Some Steam Locomotives

[Last Update: 18 February 2002]
Here are some pictures (from a calendar) of steam locomotives. They are truly from an era many buffs find romantic. Ah, well, I just think they're neat. All photos are gray-scale JPEGs, sized to 800 x 600 pixels. Click on the thumbnails below for full-sized pictures.
Jan Link Jan 2002: Two big locos
Feb Link Feb 2002: Filling up on coal
Mar Link Mar 2002: Climbing the grade
Apr Link Apr 2002: Loco on turntable
May Link May 2002: Streamlined Hudson loco
Jun Link Jun 2002: 4-8-4 loco in the fog
Jul Link Jul 2002: Narrow-gauge loco on trestle
Aug Link Aug 2002: Passing siding
Sep Link Sep 2002: All-pullman comes steaming in
Oct Link Oct 2002: Two trains meet at high speed
Nov Link Nov 2002: Large loco labors uphill
Dec Link Dec 2002: Small town, snowy visit

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