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[Last Update: 26 December 2013]
Notes Two of my great loves are computers and music. I think it is well worth it to have a really good sound card in my computer. The links below point to the pages where I have MIDI sequences that I have done for some songs. You will notice that most of them are either hymns or Christmas songs, my two favorite kinds of music. There are lots of MIDI sequences available on the internet, and that includes just about any kind of music you like. I have found many really good sequences of rock and classical songs, for example. But I have been somewhat disappointed in most of the sequences of church-type songs I have found. That is why I have concentrated on those types of songs. Enjoy.

By the way, the sound card I now own is a SoundBlaster Audigy, and I use an 8MB soundfont that replaces the built-in General MIDI sounds. These files will sound much better on a good sound card such as a SoundBlaster with soundfonts. It is possible that some sounds will not be replicated very well on lesser systems, so again, if you really enjoy music, get yourself a good sound card if you do not have one!

NOTE: These songs are for personal enjoyment only and are not for commercial use. You have my permission to use them in any non-commercial fashion as long as I am credited with the sequence, and in the case of original compositions, credited for that.

If you want to use any of these sequences, please download them rather than linking to them here, as these pages may be reorganized at any time.
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous (pop, country, etc.) songs
Old-time Polkas, waltzes, and schottisches
Hymns Hymn-type songs
Christmas Christmas songs: hymns and secular
Christmas Pipe Organ Christmas hymns requiring a special soundfont *
* These sequences require the "Jeux" pipe organ soundfont in bank 42!
If you have a good sound card that allows loading of soundfonts
(such as SoundBlaster Audigy or SBLive!), you can search the internet
for the Jeux pipe organ soundfont (it is free).

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