Top 10 Things to Do in Minnesota

One of the Top 10 Things to Do in Minnesota is to Visit Places

When you are vacationing in the great state of Minnesota, there are many things for you to do while you are there. It is nice to relax when you visit some place new but, most people go for the attractions. It is a chance for them to try or see something new and different that they are not offered at home. We have narrowed it down to some of the better sights and attractions for you to visit on your trip to Minnesota. They are listed below for you to find out if it is something you are interested in doing. The top 10 things to do in Minnesota are all in one place.

Mall of America

The first place that you have to visit in Minnesota is the Mall Of America. This mall has an amusement park right inside the mall. There are over 500 stores in this mall and there are over 12000 employees working here. Some of the special attractions you can see there is the Dinosaur Walk, the Lego store that is four stories high, flight simulators, indoor stock car racing, and the underwater aquarium. You can visit the mall only while you are on vacation in Minnesota and have a good time.

The Amusement Park at the Mall of America has a roller coaster and a Ferris wheel inside the building. It was previously known to many as Camp Snoopy. It is the largest park in the nation and it has over thirty rides to prove it. This park has seven acres inside the mall to enjoy. No park would be complete without an amusement park food. You can get your park favorites at nine different places.

The Dinosaur Walk at the Mall Of America is a nice thing for dinosaur buffs to visit. There are two places in the United States that offer this museum. The museum does not have the bones of actual dinosaur but they have real life size sculptures of the dinosaurs. You can see a two story T-Rex. Nothing is as great as the actual visual affect to help you realize exactly how big these creatures were.

The Lego Store that is in the Mall of America is four stories large. You can play, look, and shop all in one place. They have many Lego bricks for you to put together while you are in the store. You can find just about any type of Lego set they have. Not only is it fun to shop here, but it is fun to play here too.

The flight simulators are quite the attraction at the Mall of America. These simulators are the same as what a real defense company will use to train actual pilots. This can not be anything but fun for those of you who are into flying and planes. This will truly be a memory for you to make.

If you are totally into NASCAR Racing, you need to visit the NASCAR Speedway located here. You can ride the cars on this fabulous indoor track. You will have the horsepower you crave and the speed to go along with it. It will be something for you to tell your grandchildren about.

Last but not least, you can not come away from Minnesota without the Underwater Aquarium visit. This aquarium is located in the basement of the Mall Of America. It has a three hundred foot long tunnel for you to walk through to view all the excellent fish. They have one of the best shark exhibits anywhere.

Where to look for Top 10 Things to Do in Minnesota

WhiteFish Area Tourism Association also gives you complete information on best things to do in Minnesota. You can also take references and helpful guidance from Rochester Convention and Visitors Bureau that lists all the top things to do in Minnesota.

The Mall of America is well worth the visit for anyone who is in Minnesota. You can spend days trying out everything that they offer and still not have enough time to do everything. Not only do they have the best attractions, they also have wonderful shopping for you to enjoy.

Minnesota offers all the great pleasures of shopping and tourism for any visitor. You can spend days in Minnesota and yet find new things to do everyday in the city. The twin cities offer maximum pleasure and a great vacation spot, but don't forget your credit cards.

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