Indoor Water Fountains Can Brighten Your Day

Indoor water fountains are certainly nice to look at, and everybody likes the sound of flowing water, but new research suggests that their benefits may extend beyond just a nice looking centrepiece.

Mood-improving negative ions

The interest lies in tiny particles called negative ions. Negative ions are microscopic, electrically charged particles that occur naturally as well as by indoor water fountains. They are produced in large quantities by flowing water, as electrically charged molecules detach and become airborne. This is where the good stuff happens. Some studies have shown that inhaling negative ions, such as those produced by an indoor water fountain, can actually improve mood. Exactly why this is the case is not yet known, but most researchers say that it has to do with how our brains use a chemical called serotonin. Serotonin plays a major role in our mood. People suffering from depression have an imbalance in serotonin levels. Negative ions may help to restore that balance for people who suffer from depression, and some of those ions can be supplied by an indoor water fountain.

Advantages of water fountains

Water fountains have been used in homes for thousands of years, and they have always been associated with good feelings. Water fountains, aside from producing negative ions, also add moisture to dry indoor air, and the sound they make adds life to any room. In ancient Egypt and Arabia, water fountains were a symbol of status. Anyone who was wealthy enough to use precious water as a decoration would have to be of the upper classes. Elaborate water fountains were created in enclosed gardens, and water fountains can still be found in many mosques throughout the world. Muslims are obliged to be clean when they enter a mosque, and water fountains served as a place for ritual ablutions or cleansings. Human beings truly have a long history with water fountains.

Finding a water fountain

Indoor water fountains today are quite common, and you don't have to be wealthy to own one. An inexpensive water fountain can be purchased at your local home goods store or from any number of dealers online. The indoor water fountains available today still sound great and they still give your home a classy look, but they aren't a status symbol anymore. Water fountains aren't even confined to the home any more. In fact, water fountains today are just as likely to turn up in a board room or an office building as in a living room. The understated style of these water fountains provides soothing background noise for that big deal, and an attractive visual accent. Everyone can find a place in their life for an indoor water fountain.

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