Creating An Effective Scientific Poster Presentation
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Creating an Effective Scientific Poster Presentation

Contents of Tutorial

1. Planning
  • What is a poster presentation?
  • Define your audience
  • Distill your take-home message
  • Draw a concept map
  • Consider requirements of the conference
2. Design Your Poster
  • How to set up PowerPoint
  • What Sections to include
  • Use background and color effectively
  • Leave space
  • Create legible text
  • Layout text and image placeholders
3. Working With Images
  • Use graphics for impact
  • Check image resolution
  • Adjust size of images
  • Import graphics
  • Finishing touches
4. Assess Your Poster
  • Have someone evaluate your poster
  • Effective poster checklist
5. Print Your Poster
  • Print a letter-sized draft
  • Large format printer
  • Submit your poster for printing
  • Lamination
6. Practice Your Presentation
  • Tips for engaging your audience
  • Presenting your poster
  • Practice with your poster
7. Quiz Yourself & Rate this Tutorial


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First Step: Planning

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