Aaron Sarver Ph.D.


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Aaron Sarver is a Research Scientist currently specializing in the field of genomics. Since February of 2008 Aaron has been employed at the University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center working as a consultant on a wide range of complex analyses problems including mRNA and miRNA expression analyses, transposon insertion mapping with next generation DNA sequencing, CHIP-CHIP DNA binding, comparative genomic hybridization and the integration of this data to better understand the systems involved with a focus on better understanding mechanisms of tumorigenesis.

From 2006- 2008 after receiving his Ph.D from UCSF in the Chemistry and Chemical Biology program at UCSF, Aaron was employed at Ingenuity Systems where he learned the skills necessary to function as a software engineer in an agile development environment. These skills and competencies are applied on a regular basis in his work as a bioinformatics consultant.

From Fall 2000 until 2006 Aaron worked as a graduate student in the lab of genomics pioneer Joe Derisi at UCSF. While in Joe's lab, Aaron discovered and characterized a signaling network by which S. cerevisiae respond to the presence of nitric oxide, a compound highly relevant in host pathogen immune response. As a direct result of this ground-breaking work, similar networks have been characterized in a number of pathogenic fungi. Due to the wide focus of interests in the lab, Aaron was exposed to a number of diverse and significant projects including the first identification of the SARS virus as a corona-virus and landmark studies of the transcriptional changes that occur within plasmodium falciparum (the agent responsible for human malaria infection) during its baroque 48 hour lifecycle.

From 1998-2000 Aaron worked as a research associate in Brad Gibson's lab at UCSF. Here Aaron identified a number of novel breakdown products of amino acids modified by oxidative and nitrosative stress and decided that scientific exploration was an undertaking worth pursuing.

Aaron also has a Bachelors degree in Chemistry with a minor in biology from the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology.

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