The Thin Red Line: Themes in Dialogue

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2. Train: “Is there a war in the heart of nature? Why does nature violate itself? Is there an avenging power to nature? Not one power, but two?”

7-8. On the island. Journey to the line.

42. The mop-up battle—the Americans are victorious

57. Pvt. Witt revisits the village we saw him in at the beginning of the film.

69. On the landing craft


4. Welsh: “In this world a man—by himself—is nothing. And there ain’t no world—but this one.” Witt: “I’ve seen another world.” Welsh: “Then you’ve seen things I never will.”

13. Frontal assault.

21. Col. Tall orders Capt. Staros to advance, but Staros refuses his order.

28. Welsh confronts Witt at dusk.

30. Second Night Scene

38. After the battle, Pvt. Fife and Pvt. Witt have encounters with the dead.

43-44. Pvt. Dale, the collector of teeth, confronts a dying Japanese soldier.

46. Col. Tall confronts Capt. Staros and relieves him of his command.

51. The men are given time off the line. They are all shouting and laughing and drinking.

52. Pvt. Bell’s internal flashback of his wife and his voice-over—as if reading from a letter he has written to her:

59. Mess Sgt. Storm and Sgt. Welsh talk. Wounded and dying G.I.s surround them in litters.

60. Witt and Welsh meet for a third time.

61. Third night scene

66-67. Sgt. Welsh’s transformation


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