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My Archive of Summaries, Teaching, Notes, and Discussion Questions for Teaching an Introductory Level Film Course

Robert E. Yahnke, Prof. Emeritus
College of Education and Human Development
University of Minnesota

When I taught an introductory film course to freshmen/sophomores, I always used extensive summaries of each film (as a basis for note-taking, worksheets, and exercises) and shared those summaries with students. I taught these films in the introductory course as well as a freshman seminar on international cinema. Below is a listing of feature-length film summaries (from American and International films) as well as a listing of notes and exercises for those films (and selected other films). I hope some of these resources will be helpful for you in your film classes. For additional resources on films on aging, see the home page, Resources for Teaching Film.

Feature-length Film Summaries:

Notes/Exercises on these films:

Resources for Teaching Film

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