Welcome to the FPLOT Home Page

FPLOT is a plotting program that converts directly from ASCII data to postscript output that is ready to print (or viewable on screen with a tool such as ghostview / ghostscript).

The input data file is simply an ASCII file where the numbers are delimited by spaces, tabs, and/or commas.

There is also an optional command file. This file is also ASCII and this is used to dictate to fplot how you want the plot to look. The syntax of a command file is very similiar to GNUPLOT. There is a link at the bottom of this page to view a sample command file.

Some of the key highlights of FPLOT are as follows:

C source code is included as well as executables for DOS.

FPLOT can be used completely in a pipe. The default output is to stdout and the special filename of '--' will read from stdin. Hence, you can do :

program_that_outputs_ascii_data | fplot -r -t "title" -x "x_label" -y "y_label" -- | lp -dprinter

Follow the links below to view the history, the full README, some sample plots, etc.

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