Sample Pollination Agreement
Date _________________________ For growing season _20____
The Beekeeper                       The Grower
  Name ____________________________         Name ___________________________
  Address ____________________________       Address ___________________________
          ____________________________              ___________________________
  Phone number ________________________ Phone number ______________________
Number of colonies ordered. __________ A colonies __________ B colonies
Rental Fee for grade A colonies (definition: ___________________) $__________each
Rental Fee for grade B colonies (definition: ___________________) $__________each
Compensation for additional movement of bees or other extras. $__________
Total Rental Fee $__________
Target date for bees to enter crop ________________
Location of Crop _____________________________________________________________
Distribution pattern of colonies shall be ___________________________________________
The Grower agrees:
  1. To give ________ days notice to bring colonies into the crop.
  2. To give ________ days notice to take colonies out of the crop.
  3. To pay one-half the agreed total fee when the bees are delivered.
  4. To pay in full within ______ days after the delivery date.
  5. To pay 1% a month interest on amounts unpaid after the due date.
  6. To use not toxic pesticides in the crop during the rental period except with the understanding
     and consent of the beekeeper, and to warn the beekeeper if neighbors use toxic sprays.
  7. To provide uncontaminated water supply for the bees.
  8. To assume liability for livestock damage or vandalism.
  9. To assume public liability for stinging while the bees are on location in the crop.
The Beekeeper agrees:
  1. To open and demonstrate the strength of a portion of the colonies selected by the grower.
  2. To leave the bees in the crop for a period necessary for effective pollination estimated to be
     approximately ______ days and with a maximum period of ______ days, after which time
     the bees will be removed or a new contract negotiated.
  3. To ensure that colonies are properly located and will remain in good condition while pollinating crop
  4. Remove the colonies within _______ days of notice from the grower.

  ________________________   __________       ________________________   __________
  Grower                      date             Beekeeper                    date

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