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Hygienic Queen and/or package Suppliers

Below is a list of suppliers that advertise they sell hygienic queens that I know of. It is not meant to be a complete list or a recommendation for or against if someone is or is not on the list. If you see any errors or think something should be added please email me

Suppliers of “MN Hygienic Queens (by MN based beekeepers)

  • Sunberg Apiaries, MN/TX, Mark Sunberg,
  • Rufer Apiaries, MN/TX, 612-325-1203, Quantities of 50 or greater only.

Suppliers advertising hygienic packages and/or queens


  • Natures Nectar, MN, (queens and packages come from CA), Jim Kloek, 651-439-8793,
  • Heitkams’ Honey Bees, CA 530-865-9562
  • Avoyelles Honey Co., LA, Emeric Bordelon, 318-964-2592
  • Strachan Apiaries, Inc. CA, 530-674-3881,,
  • Pendell Apiaries, CA, Frank Pendell, 530-963-3062
  • Oliverez Honeybees, Inc., CA 530-865-0298, info@ohbees,com,

Suppliers of MN Hygienic breeder (inseminated) Queens

  • Glenn Apiaries, CA Tom Glenn, 760-728-3731,,

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