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Crops Pollinated by honey bees. Click here for large view. Use back to return.

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Click here to download plans for honey bee, bumble bee, candle and research equipment.

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This is me.


This is the Boss Marla


Sarah 2004 Bee Beard


This is Jake. The newest member.

When he is finished, all that is left now is to teach him to talk, he will be a ventrilouist dummy. So far all he knows is hi. I will take him to talk to school kids. See more pictures page.

Me and the bees 2005.



Gary's new sheep  Hank - Holly - Heidi


Temporary tatoo made for kids.



First biodiesel batch. Since have made about 100 gallons from used cooking oil. Picture soon of truck that will burn biodiesel or straight veg. oil. Saving the Planet.

When you are building and have scraps that are to small to save use them to build these nice bird houses. Go to plans page to download plans and use directions

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