CI5472 Teaching Film, Television, and Media



Internet Resources

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Annenberg Learner Channel: American Cinema series

Critical Discourse Analysis: Gender, Class, and Race

Critical Perspectives (related to Module 4)

Documentary/Reality television

Film Studies

Film technique/video production

Film/TV genres

Goals and justifications for media education in the curriculum

History of film/television/media/advertising archive

Internet media/web design/computer games

Literature/film adaptations

Media Corporate Conglomeration

Media Education Foundation

Media ethnography/on-line fan clubs/blogging/zines

Media production organizations for students

Media Representations

Media Studies resources

Multimedia teaching tools/streaming video clips for use in teaching


Review sites/film trailers/rentals/on-line films

Students’ Web Quests

Teaching activities/units

Television Studies/analysis

Television/print news

Webquests: English/language arts

  • A Media Literacy Webquest

  • Fahrenheit 451 Webquest
    This webquest has two tasks. The first one is identifying various quotes from the novel and then the second one is a choice between three possibilities. We read Fahrenheit 451 as a satire that comments on certain aspects of our society. This site provides links to sites that investigate several issues that arise in the novel and has the student analyze the data and make recommendations. It then provides links for the students to contact people in the real world that are interested in the topic they have chosen.

  • webquests

  • literature webquests

  • webquests

  • webquests

  • webquests

Other Links

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