Teachingmedialiteracy.com: A Web-Linked Guide to Resources and Activities


Chapter 2:
Uses of New Media in Media Education

Chapter 3:

Chapter 5:
Studying Media Respresentations

Chapter 6:
Media Ethnography

Chapter 7:
Film, Television, & Music Genres

Chapter 8:
Studying Advertising

Chapter 9:
Studying the News

Chapter 10:
Intergrating Media into the English Curriculum

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This website is designed to support the book Teachingmedialiteracy.com: A Web-Linked Guide to Resources and Activities. In the book, links are cited according to a numbering system by chapter and topic.

To go to links for specific chapters, click on the chapter number on the top of any page or on chapters in the left column navigation bar.

Each of the topics in the chapter is numbered according chapter number and topic number. Each link has a number that corresponds to the link number in the book. For example, in the book, the citation (8.3a.2) means Chapter 8, topic 3a, link 2. While the descriptions of each link correspond to descriptions of links in the book, this Website often contains additional information about links.

The website also contains lists of related readings embedded in with the chapter topics as well as chapter references. Most chapters also contain teaching activities devised by students in a graduate media literacy course at the University of Minnesota and PowerPoint TM presentations related to the chapter topic for use by course instructors or teachers. These PowerPoint TM presentations are in three different formats: for download only, PDF files, and viewing on the screen.

For a Media Literacy Wikibook created by my students (email me at rbeach@umn.edu for access to add your own material to this Wikibook)

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