Teaching Media Literacy through the Internet

 Chapter 9: Studying the News

[9.1] Studying the News and Documentaries

[9.2] Newspaper or Print News

[9.2a] Teaching Analysis of the News

[9.2b] Analysis of Newspaper Sections and Functions

[9.2c] Differences in Types and Uses of News

[9.2d] On-line News

[9.2e] Student Units on Analyzing the News

[9.2f] Blogs

[9.2g] Political Uses of Blogs

[9.2h] Editorial Perspectives

[9.2i] Newspaper Ownership

[9.2j] News Bias

[9.2k] Different aspects of news bias

[9.2l] Studying and Producing Classroom / School Newspapers

[9.3] Television and Radio News

[9.3a] Characteristics of Television News

[9.3b] Selecting News Stories

[9.3c] Accuracy / Completeness of News Coverage

[9.3d] Television News Development

[9.3e] On-line Television News

[9.3f] Sports Coverage

[9.3g] Coverage of Political Issues and Campaigns

[9.3h] Creating television news broadcasts and podcasts

[9.3i] Documentaries

[9.4] Teaching Activities

[9.5] References

Chapter 9

[9.1] Studying the News and Documentaries

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