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Chapter 8: Studying Advertising

[8.1] Studying Advertising

[8.2] A Broader Definition of Advertising Instruction

[8.3] Advertising Drives Content

[8.4] Socialization of Children as Consumers

[8.5] Application of Semiotic Analysis to Ads

[8.6] Analysis of Techniques of Persuasion in Ads

[8.7] Critical Discourse Analysis of Ads

[8.8] Advertising as Propaganda: Public Relations Ads

[8.9] Advertising and Idealized Gender Images

[8.10] Advertising and Alcohol/Tobacco

[8.11] Advertising and the Pharmaceutical Industry

[8.12] Advertising on the Web

[8.13] Marketing in Schools

[8.14] Political Advertising

[8.15] Ethical Issues with Advertising: Product Placements

[8.16] Creating or Parodying Ads

[8.17] References

[8.18] Teaching Activities

Chapter 8

[8.1] Studying Advertising

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