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Chapter 5: Studying Media Representations

[5.1] What Are Media Representations

[5.2] Representations of Gender, Race, and Class

[5.3] Representations of Different Cultures

[5.4] Studying Media Representations

[5.5] Teaching Analysis of Media Representations

[5.6] Representation and Censorship

[5.7] Representations and Idealization

[5.8] Studying Representations of Social Types or Groups


[5.8b] Masculinity


[5.8c] Masculinity and Sports


[5.8d] Gays / Lesbians


[5.8e] Racial and Ethnic Groups


[5.8f] Class

[5.9] Families and Age Groups

[5.10] War

[5.11] Political Parties and Organizations

[5.12] Counter-Representations

[5.13] Additional Web Resources

[5.14] Teaching Activities

Chapter 5

[5.1] What Are Media Representations

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