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Chapter 3: Film Techniques

[3.2] Visual Literacy: Starting with the Image

[3.3] Studying Images through Digital Editing

[3.4] Comics and Film Technique

[3.5] Teaching Film Technique

[3.5a] Lighting

[3.5b] Editing

[3.5c] Sound

[3.6] Exploring Film Technique through Video Production

[3.7] Exploring Editing Through Storyboards and Animations

[3.8] Analysis/Evaluation of Film Technique

[3.9] Film History

[3.10] Television History

[3.11] Responding to and Analyzing Films

[3.12] Fostering Classroom Discussions of Film

[3.13] Image-Sound Skim

[3.14] Writing about Films

[3.15] Film Study Resources

[3.16] Film Journals/Magazines

[3.17] References

[3.18] Teaching Activities

Chapter 3

[3.1] Film Techniques



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