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About Me

I am a student at the University of Minnesota who is zealous for cyber security.

I specifically focus on "Red Team" penetration testing techniques, and I have a vested interest in organizational security and risk mitigation.

Ethical hacking has been a passion of mine for several years and I am entirely committed to the study of social engineering and modern "Red Team" penetration testing.


Red Team

I am currently pursing a CISSP- ISSA, and I have completed two rounds of intensive CEH training and plan to take the exam Summer 2016. I am also working towards several Offensive Security credentials. I would love an opportunity to connect with individuals in the IT industry who share my passion and vision for computer security. This website exists to share my professional information and some of my ideas/thoughts on the IT industry as a whole.

A page of particular interest can be found below, displaying an active representation of why cybersecurity is the most pressing issue facing the first world today: here


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