A Field Guide to Cows

How to Identify and Appreciate America's 52 Breeds

A Field Guide to Cows by John Pukite
ISBN: 0-14-02-7388-3
Published in 1998 by Penguin

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A handy guide for everyone who likes cows or anyone who is curious about one of our most common domesticated animals.

Vacationing families, birders, city folk, truckers, 4-Hers, traveling salespeople, Interstate drivers, experienced cow watchers, cow tippers, biologists, and even farmers - everyone who wants to identify the many bovine breeds of North America will need a A Field Guide to Cows.

This one-of-a-kind reference for cow watchers also includes:

Always informative, sometimes amazing, often amusing. A Field Guide to Cows features detailed description of 52 cool cow breeds. Each breed description includes a tasteful illustration, invaluable information on the cow's origin and history, and statistics on abundance and popularity. Learn about:


What the newspapers say about A Field Guide to Cows.

The Washington Post "...a complete rundown on the cud-chewing wonders..."

Salem, Oregon's Statesman Journal "...both a read-at-home and take-along book..."

Louisville, Kentucky's The Courier-Journal "...a fascinating and sometimes very funny paperback book..."

Parade Magazine "A Field Guide to Cows is a delightful guide, telling where to find cows and how to identify and distinguish between the various breeds."

Cow Addendum

Cow News
A list of cows from around the world.
Milk production for some cows and the world record milking cow.
Cow photos.

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