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Jailed Cows

Keosauqua, Iowa -- 1998

From 'The Des Moines Register' March 16,1998 front page article. Heifers caught jaywalking face jail time. It seems cows have been wandering onto the highways creating a traffic hazard and local officials needed to take drastic action. The offending cows get put away at a cost of 25 dollars per day for stall and hay.

Exploding Cows

Phnom Penh, Cambodia -- 1997

From the Cambodia Daily, by way of Rueters.

"The English have 11 million mad cows and Cambodia has roughly the same number of equally mad land mines. Surely the solution to Cambodia's mine problem is here before our very eyes in black and white.... The plan is simple, practical, and will make mince-meat of the problem overnight." Hopefully, this story is in jest - Only milk stools should have three legs.

Holy Cow

Kfar Hasidim, Israel -- 1997

The first red cow was born in the Holy Land in more than 2,000 years. Some believe that the cow, named Melody, foreshadows the return of the Messiah. Closer examination of the cow has also discovered a few white and black hairs. Just a false warning afterall.

Advertising Cows

Hockley Heath, West Midlands England -- 1996

Harry Goode has taken to selling advertising space on his cows. The cows wear coats printed with commercial logos. Their wearable billboards are seen by thousands of passerbys since the cow's pasture is located along a major motorway. Hopefully for all the cows trouble, they get some fresh hay at night; as for the farmer, he gets about 300 £ a week from the advertisers.

Croatian cow kills famer

Zagreb, Croatia - 1997

From the Associated press. During an earth tremor, a frightened cow knocked down and stepped on the farmer that was milking her. The farmer died.

Flying cows

Moscow, Russia -- April 1997

A synopsis of the story goes that the rescued crew of a Japanese fishing boat claimed a cow fell out of the sky and sank their boat.

The cow supposedly was being rustled by a Russian military plane. In this act of airborne cattle rustling, the cow became restless and endangered the stability of the plane. To save the plane the airmen shoved the cow out through the rear cargo hatch just as they were flying above the boat.

The story seems to have started as an internal joke of the German embassy. This new urban legend then somehow found its way to a german newspaper and onto the internet. Russian officials deny the story. (from Reuters and Minerva newsreel)

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