List of Ada Articles in Trade Magazines

I have collected the following list of Ada articles that have appeared over the last five years in various trade magazines. I included software, engineering, and computing magazines that people casually read (note I did not include academic journals).

As far as I can tell, certain publications have historically lacked Ada articles (all networking magazines and many PC-oriented magazines), while others (Embedded Systems Programming, etc) tend to accept articles regularly.

I am not sure how big this list will grow, but if anyone wants to add to it, please send me the reference --e-mail to: (I could not find references to trade papers more recent than 1991 in the AdaIC archives.)


   AIE := AI Expert
   ACM := Communications of the ACM
   CL  := Computer Language (defunct, now Software Development)
   Com := IEEE Computer
   COT := COTS Journal
   CT  := Crosstalk
   CW  := ComputerWorld
   CWK := Computer Weekly
   DEC := DEC Professional
   DSP := DSP Multimedia & Technology
   DE  := Defense (& Security) Electronics
   DDJ := Dr. Dobb's Journal
   DOC := Distributed Object Computing
   DSJ := Digital Systems Journal
   ED  := Electronic Design 
   EDJ := Embedded Developrs Journal
   EDN := EDN (electronic design news)
   EET := Electronic Engineering Times
   ESP := Embedded Systems Programming
   EW  := E-Week (formerly PC Week)
   GCN := Government Computer News
   IEES:= IEEE Spectrum
   IW  := Info World
   iX  := iX (Unix magazine in German language)
   JOOP:= Journal of Object-Oriented Programming
   LG  := Linux Gazette
   LJ  := Linux Jornal
   MAE := Military and Aerospace Electronics
   Obj := Object Magazine 
   PCW := PC Week
   PE  := Personal Engineering (& Instrumentation News)
   SD  := Software Developmment
   SGW := Silicon Graphics World
   Sof := IEEE Software
   SWE := IEEE Transactions on SW Engineering
   WTJ := Windows Tech Journal

Index (reverse chronological order, *indicates a staff writer)

ACMQ, Oct 04, "There's Still Some Life Left in Ada", ACM Queue, A.Wolfe
IEES, Sep 04, "Crashproof Code", R.Hess, D.Bass, J.Baca here
ESP, Sep 04, "Codifying Good Software Design, J.Ganssle
ESP, May 04, "Teaching Testing", J.Ganssle
CT,  Dec 03, "The Ravenscar Profile for Real-Time and High Integrity Systems", Dobbing, Burns.
ESP, Dec 03, "Ada and Java:Real-Time Advantages", B.Brosgol
COT, May 03, "21st Century Ada: Faster, Stronger&and Higher"
ESP, Dec 02, "Introduction to Ada 95", B.Brosgol
SD,  Dec 02, "From Ada to IBM", L. O'Connell
SD,  Oct 02, "The Benefit of the New (editing tools)", G.Evans 
CT,  Nov 02, "Defense Software Development in Evolution", C.Jones
ESP, Jul 02, "A For Ada", J. Carter
LJ,  Jul 02, "Testing Ada Software with AdaTEST", T.Osterlie, S.Dahl
ESP, May 02, "Is C Passing?", M.Barr
CT,  Mar 02. "Correctness by Construction: Better Can Also Be Cheaper", P.Amey
EW,  Mar 02, "Can There Ever Be Too Many QA Tools?", P.Coffee
CT,  Feb 02, "U.S.Army Develops High Quality, Extremely Low Cost Digital Message Parser", E.Dalrymple
ESP, Jan 02, "Ada's Slide into Oblivion (not)", J.Ganssle
Sof, Jan 02, article about how we built the MULTOS CA, about 60% of which is Ada.
CWK, Oct 01, "BAe trains non-ITers as coders", B.Goodwin
CT,  Mar 01, "Ada in the 21st Century", B.Brosgol
SWE, Aug 00, article about how we built SHOLIS - the first UK Def Stan 00-55 SIL4 system.
COTS,Jul 00, "Ada 95 Accelerates Time to Market", P.Rodenbeck
ESP, Oct 00, "OOP to Nuts", C.Bremmon
EDJ, May 00, "Ada 95 Suits Embedded Programming"
LJ,  Jan 00, "AppSwitch: Network Switching with Ada from Linux", A. Brandon
JOOP,Nov 98, "The Software Circuit Breaker", R.Riehle
JL,  Oct 98, "Gnat: C++ and Java under Fire", K.Burtch
JOOP,Oct 98, "Teaching Object-Oriented Design in Ada 95", M. Ben-Ari
LG,  Oct 98,, K. Burtch
JOOP,Jun 98, "Java Applets in Ada", R.Riehle
ESP, ??? 97, "Can Software Be Safe?-An Ada Viewpoint", R.Riehle
DOC. Jul 97, "Watch Your Language!", E. Seidewitz
JOOP,Jun 97, "The Age of Interoperability", R.Reihle (Riehle)
Obj, May 97, "Ada 95:The language speaks for itself", Moran, Brukhardt, Leif
JOOP,Mar 97, "Ada Does Windows", R.Riehle
ESP, Dec 96, "Can Software be safe? - An Ada Viewpoint", R.Riehle
EET, 9 Dec 96, "Ada language finds new life riding a Java wave", A.Wolfe
PCW, 30 Sep 96, Ada evaluation, P.Coffee 
JOOP,Sep 96, "Managing runtime faults,"  R. Riehle
Sof, Mar 96, "Universal Safety Standard is Infeasible-For Now," P.V. Bhansali
ED,  18 Mar 96, "Preelaboration in Ada 95", J.Tokar, T.Birus
JOOP,Mar 96, "Reliability: Does language matter?", R.Riehle
JOOP,Feb 96, "OOP for business data processing", R.Riehle
JOOP,Nov 95, "Reuse Through Generic Templates", R.Riehle
IEES,Oct 95, "Boeing's 7th Wonder" (includes Ada on the 777), *
WTJ, Nov 95, "Ada to Go", PP
ESP, Nov 95, "An Ada for the rest of us", R.Riehle
DDJ, Oct 95, "Ada 95's object-oriented facilities", D. Moore
JOOP,Sep 95, "Specifying software requirements extensions", R. Riehle
DE,  Sep 95, Ada 95 and PowerPC article, R.Crafts
MAE, Sep 95, "Object-oriented Ada95 compilers hit the market", K. Sewell*
ESP, Sep 95, "Universal Engine Controller", J.Petrey
JOOP,Jul 95, "Inaugurating an Ada column", R.Riehle
DDJ, Jul 95, "Ada 95" (example of heterogeneous list, see Oct 93), PP
PE,  Jul 95, "System-modeling software assist in creation of flight-sim", *
iX,  ???, Ada95 article, J-P.Rosen
CW,  5 Jun 95, "Jobs in Space", B.Scanlon, A.Bermar
JOOP,Jun 95, "The Ada 95 Philosophy", T.Taft 
EET, 5 June 95, "Quest for magic bullet leads to object software", A.Wolfe*
DE,  May 95, Real-time Ada, J. Tokar
Technivizie, May 95, "Object-georienteerd Programmeren", editor (in Dutch)
GCN, 1 May 95, "Survey confirms Ada is top DoD language", P.Constance*
ESP, May 95, "Run, Computer, Run" (Ada optimization) E.Pfeiffer, J.Disch
Obj, May 95, "Ada 95: The New Object Oriented Standard", R.Riehle
Sof, Mar 95, "ISO publishes Ada 95 standard", D. Sims
ESP, Winter 95 supplement, "The Advantages of Ada 95", J.Tokar 
ED,  20 Feb 95, "Multitasking Ada for embedded applications", PP
SD,  Feb 95, "Ada for Windows", PP
SGW, Jan 95, SGI and GNAT and ACT, ?
DSJ, Jan 95, "Ada: The portable language for threaded systems", PP
ED,  23 Jan 95, "Development systems target embedded CPUs", C. Ajluni*
PCW, 12 Dec 94, "Ada development tools add beauty to brains,brawn", P. Coffee*
ESP, Dec 94, "Scheduling Theory and Ada 9X", S. Bodilsen
Sof, Nov 94, OOP languages article by Grady Booch
JOOP,Nov 94, "Ada 94 - The New OOP Standard", R. Riehle
ESP, Nov 94, "Ada in Space Systems", R. Riehle
ESP, Nov 94, "Cruising with Ada", D-W. Jones
Com, Nov 94, "The hidden reality of hardware/software codesign",
MAE, Nov 94, "The moment of truth for the DoD's Ada strategy", R.Crafts
DSP, Oct 94, Article on Ada 95 by J.Tokar
DE,  Oct 94, "Going to Sea With Ada", F.G. Farnham, K.J. McSweeney 
Com, Oct 94, "Porting Ada: A report from the field", J.G. Skazinski
PE,  Oct 94, "PC implements realtime laser radar image display", *
iX,  Oct 94, "Neues von Lady Ada", Rolf Ebert  (new Ada 95 features)
EET, Jun 94, "Ada 9X standard takes Ada 83 into 90's", T. Taft
PCW, 23 May 94, "Bugs flourish as bane of grand public works", P.Coffee* 
DEC, Mar 94, "A-to-Z Resources for Ada", R. Harwood*
Com, Apr 94, "Ada and Real-Time Robotics", R.D. Steele, P.G. Backes
Com, Apr 94, "Converting Legacy Code into Ada", J.M. Scandura
PCW, 25 Apr 94, "Parallel platforms call for parallel tools", P. Coffee* 
Com, Feb 94, "Ada System Dependency Analyzer Tool", G.B-Perez, R.L.Conn
Com, Feb 94, "Implementing Software Configuration Management Env.", F.Buckley
PCW, 10 Jan 94, "Is C++ language emulating big sister Ada?", P. Coffee*
ESP, Dec 93, "Using Ada with Embedded DSPs", E.Pfeiffer and J. Disch
ESP, Dec 93, "Handling Exceptions in Ada and C++", J. Johnson
SD,  Dec 93, "A Good Name is Hard to Find", D-W. Jones
SD,  Nov 93, "Ada Comes of Age", T. Ochs* (9X)
DDJ, Oct 93, "Comparing Object-Oriented Languages", M. Floyd (w/Ada 83 code)
ESP, Oct 93, "Guidelines for Tasking Design", M.F. Moon
EET, Sep 93, "Ada on the comeback trail", A. Wolfe*
MAE, Aug 93, "Ada industry enters brave new world", J. Keller*
IW,  Jul 93, "Ada is worth another look, and it's now free", R. Metcalfe*
Com, Jun 93, "Ada finally does Windows", T.L. Pappas* (review)
ESP, May 93, "Code Reuse in Ada and C++", R. Skoglund, J. Johnson
CL,  Mar 93, "Smelling like a rose", T. Bragg* (review of Rational Rose)
ESP, Dec 92, "Optimization in Ada and C++", J. Johnson
ACM, Nov 92, "Ada", B. Brosgol
ACM, Nov 92, "A Technical Tour of Ada", E. Schonberg, M. Gerhart, C.Hayden
ACM, Nov 92, "Ada Experience in the Undergraduate Curriculum", M.B.Feldman
ACM, Nov 92, "Model Railroad for Ada and Software Engineering",J.McCormick
ACM, Nov 92, "What Orientation Should Objects Take?", J. P. Rosen
ACM, Nov 92, "Ada 9X: A Technical Summary", S. T. Taft
ACM, Nov 92, "Ada 9X Project Management", C. Anderson
ACM, Nov 92, "Building Consensus for Ada 9X", E. Ploedereder
MAE, Oct 92, "Ada takes off in non-DoD applications", J. Mayer*
MAE, Aug 92, "Is Ada ready for the 90s?", J. Mayer*
Com, Jul 92, "Object-oriented programming in Ada", T.L. Pappas* (review)
EDN, Apr 92, "Ada and generic FFT generate routines", F.H. Carlin
CL,  Mar 92, "Balancing speed and accuracy", T. Ochs* (Ada code samples)
ESP, Jan 92, "Debugging Embedded Ada Programs", E.P. Falis
CL,  Jan 92, "This sine is also right!", T. Ochs* (Ada code samples)
CL,  Dec 91, "In defense of Ada", T. Ochs* 
EET, Dec 91, "Ada 9X could get a bigger real-time role", R. Goering*
CL,  Nov 91, "Speeding numerics", T. Ochs* (Ada code samples)
CL,  Oct 91, "Generalized Methods in Object-based Languages, R. Riehle
PCW, Sep 91, "Open Ada Simplifies UNIX Coding", T.L. Pappas* (review)
ESP, Aug 91, "Ada in Japan", R. Riehle
ESP, Aug 91, "Memory Tricks with Ada", J. Johnson
Sof, Jul 91, "Safety verification of Ada programs using software fault trees"
DDJ, Jun 91, "Reconciling Unix, Ada, and real-time processing",B.Gallmeister
CL,  May 91, "Now you see it, now you don't", T. Ochs* (Ada code samples)
AIE, Apr 91, "Ada and embedded AI", L.B. Eliot* 
ESP, Mar 91, "Object Lessons in Ada", E. Bennett
CL,  Jan 91, "Deterministic random numbers?", T. Ochs* (Ada code samples)
ESP, Jan 91, "Report on Ada 9X", D-W. Jones
ESP, Dec 90, "Ada for Real-Time", D-W. Jones
EDN, Oct 90, "Ada runtime environments",  B.R. Brosgol (3/3)
ESP, Sep 90, "Representing Ada", E.R. Lindsey
EDN, Sep 90, "Ada's fundamental language structures", B.R. Brosgol (1/3)
PCW, 10 Sep 90, "Ada catches on with PC programmers", T.L. Pappas
ESP, Aug 90, "Interrupt Handlers in Ada", L. Mittag*
EDN, Aug 90, "Adopting Ada is first step to code reuse", C. Small*
ESP, Aug 90, "Software Reusability with Generic Packages", E. Bennett
ESP, Jul 90, "Hiding with Efficiency", D. Telford, K. Becker
CL,  Jun 90, "Advanced Generics in Ada", D.A. Hanson
Com, Apr 90, "Real-time scheduling theory and Ada", L.Sha, J.B.Goodenough
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The views and opinions expressed in this page are strictly those of the page author.
The contents of this page have not been reviewed or approved by the University of Minnesota.