GNU.Jif : Ada package for generating graphics interface format
  • Examples of GNU.Jif created files
  • Download jif.tar.gz (18K)
  • Useful for embedded Ada web servers, etc.
  • I will try to add more USA flag and emblem code to the example section in the future. Stay tuned.

GNU.PDF Portable Document Format (PDF) library Ada binding. Download and then gnatchop pdf.txt.gz (7K).
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"Modeling for Reliability Analysis: Markov Modeling for Reliability, Maintainability, Safety, and Supportability", IEEE Press, 1998.

CARMS: software for reliability analysis

   Download Windows 2000/XP/95 zipped setup package HERE.   

CARMS mini-applet

Ada 83/95 Quick Reference Cards in PostScript

CanAda Dialog Box generator for Ada GUI programming

  1. Tar/zip for GNAT running Windows
  2. Example compile commands for "calc" spec
  3. Ada Letters paper on Automatic Interface Generation |Ada Letters paper on Windows code generation

Originally this used the Meridian Ada compiler. Note the dependence on the RC and CVTRES tools from MS SDK. The historical reference for this tool is "Automated Interface Code from Ada Specifications", Ada Letters, May 1993, p.74.


Ada source code for console-mode Tetris game for testing Ada 95 and Ada 83 tasking. Works for GNAT (Solaris, Win, DOS) and Ada 83 OpenAda compilers.

-- This software should have been programmed in Ada
	<<           Mars Pathfinder Mission Status
	                     July 17, 1997
	              11 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time
	Mars Pathfinder engineers noted that they have found and are 
	in the process of fixing a software bug that had caused
	the lander's computer to reset itself four times in 
	recent days. 
	   "The resets on the lander computer were caused by a 
	software task that was unable to complete the task in 
	the allotted time," said Flight Director Brian Muirhead.  
	"We found that the task was being cut short because it 
	had not been given high enough priority to run through 
	to completion.  Basically, we just need to add one 
	instruction to the computer software to raise the 
	priority of that task."  
	   The problem was reproduced and isolated in testing 
	at JPL.  Further tests and verification will be completed 
	today and tomorrow, with radio transmission of a software 
	"patch" to change the lander's  software scheduled for 
	Saturday, Muirhead said.                                >>

A Field Guide to Cows, by JP

Given a choice between a new set of matching tableware and the survival of humanity, I suspect that most people would choose the tableware. ... George Montbiot
Truth hurts. Maybe not as much as jumping on a bicycle with a seat missing, but it hurts. ... Frank Drebin, Naked Gun 2 1/2

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