May 6, 2014

Welcome to Sell Spell- the future home of a high-fantasy webcomic about adventure, ancient magic, crime and friendship (eventually). It tells the tale of Sedo, a sell-spell out on a treasure hunt for an ancient artifact that gets completely out of hand.

This webcomic site has everything- cast page, gallery, overview of the setting, about the author section and plenty of art. The only thing it is missing right now is... well, a webcomic. This project is a work in progress and, while the story is mostly written, thumbnails are drawn and now a site has finally been put together, no pages actually exist quite yet.

The comic will officially launch sometime in Summer, 2014.

In the mean time, feel free to check out all the site has to offer! Also, keep up with my Tumblr, Deviant Art and Twitter accounts, where sketches, mini-comics, concept art and production updates abound.


Meet the colorful cast of Sell Spell, a mis-matched group of jerks, losers and general misfits out on an adventure together.

Where exactly is the Continent? Why can that white-haired guy shoot fire out of his hand like that? How has the Losiric system impacted the socio-economic climate of the Pacifan Isles?

All these questions and more about the world, magic and technology of Sell Spell can be answered here!

Marvel at a cover placeholder, behold fancy rollover page buttons, and stand in slack-jawed amazement at a page that links to itself!

No comic here, yet. For now, feel free to imagine that a comic page is actually there, because someday soon there will be.

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