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2008 MAS Tropical Fish Show

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Indian/Sea Almond leaves extract.   We are working on one now, coming in September 2006.

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Every since a little boy, I have always been fascinated by these fish.  What kind of fish are as colorful as a betta and yet can live in small container with no aeration?   What kind of fish are as beautiful as a betta and yet aggressive enough to kill another?  In the early 1990, I was happened to talk to a friend PharmD Hinh Huynh about bettas and he told me about infusoria.  Following his direction and reading some more about it, my first successful betta spawn was 15 years ago in Boulder Colorado.   It was one of the most joyous feeling as a betta owner and aquarist.  Soon out of school and started working on my career, betta was no longer a priority.  It has been 15 years, I am just a little wiser and is ready to make betta my life long hobby.  Please join me and other betta enthusiasts around the world to educate others and improve the fish for the future generations.  Thank you to my friends Dr. Tung Hoang from the University of Hawaii, Sue McMillan of the Upper Midwest Bettas Club, and fellow Minnesota Aquarium Society members, I have a great head start on this life long journey.

Currently, I have a spawn of about 30 plakats that was hatched on June 12, 2006.  Once I have a few successful spawns, I will definitely will join the IBC to learn more about these fish and share my experiences with other betta enthusiasts and experts.  I am looking forward to attending the 2007 IBC Conference in Indiana.

Being a member of the Minnesota Aquarium Society, I am also working with some cichlids and plants.  I am planning to experiment with a few tanks of cichlids and planted aquarium low-tech and hi-tech.  With successful planted tanks, I should have plenty of Java Moss and Java Fern for the bettas.