Cyber-Sermon Surfers

for the
First UU Church of the Internet

    Cyber-Sermon Surfers are volunteers who search the Internet
for potential cyber-sermons for FUUCI to distribute.

    While they search for the very best in UU thinking,
they also identify sermon lists already on the Internet
which might be linked from the Cyber-Sermon Registry:

    Each month, the members of FUUCI
are asked which of the three proposals for cyber-sermons
they would like to read next.
The proposal with the most votes is posted
as the cyber-sermon-of-the-month.

     The UU movement produces
literally hundreds of new sermons each week.
At least one or two of these should be appropriate for
transformation into cyber-sermons to be distributed by FUUCI
and posted on the FUUCI website.

    Volunteers among the members of FUUCI
scout the Internet to find potential proposals for cyber-sermons.
There might be as many as 100,000 UU sermons
posted on the home pages of the 1,000 congregations of the UUA.

    To find the best candidates for cyber-sermons,
go to the following URL to begin browsing for good sermons:


This URL links to UU congregations with websites.

     In order to avoid duplication of effort,
Cyber-Sermon Surfers should tell the webmaster
which states they will be looking at.
To claim an area—a state, part of a state, or several states, etc.—
indicate your area to the webmaster,
James Park: PARKx032@TC.UMN.EDU ,
who will post it here to avoid duplication of effort.


    Cyber-Sermon Surfers should encourage the minister or webmaster
to have their local collection of sermons added to
the comprehensive listing of sermons on the Internet:
Simply follow the style set by the previous listings:

Full Name of the congregation
Geographical location of the congregation, including country
URL that leads directly to the sermon list
Approximate number of sermons in the collection
Names of the ministers or other authors

     When a Cyber-Sermon Surfer locates a sermon
that might be appropriate as a cyber-sermon for FUUCI,
he or she should send an e-mail to the author
explaining what a cyber-sermon is
and encourage him or her to create a short proposal
(a synopsis and outline of the proposed cyber-sermon)
which can be voted on by the FUUCI members.

    This process of making a proposal is explained more fully here:
This URL also lists several proposals already received.

 Created May 14, 2000, Revised 3-2003; 1-23-2009; 5-16-2012; 4-29-2013; 6-4-2016;

Read the reflections of some Cyber-Sermon Surfers .

For a full explanation of the Cyber-Sermon Registry ,
click those words.

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