Søren Kierkegaard was the founder of existential spirituality.
This inwardness is not based on a fixed set of beliefs.
Thus, existential spirituality can grow and evolve as times change.
It is very intelligent and self-critical.
Existential spirituality embraces the scientific method
with respect to all objective facts of the world.
However, in addition, it probes as deeply as possible
into human subjectivitythe human spirit.
Phenomenology is the technical name
for this approach to human inwardness.

1. Existential Spirituality Described

a brief overview of existential spirituality, answering 10 questions
that should be addressed by every form of spirituality.

2. Introducing Existential Spirituality

a shorter version (just three pages) of the first item.

3. Books on Existential Spirituality

reviews of several books belonging to the tradition of existential spirituality,
with a strong emphasis on the spiritual books of Søren Kierkegaard.

4. Existential Spirituality on Facebook

meet others on Facebook interested in existential spirituality.

5. The Church of Saint Søren & the Existential Freedom Group

an e-mailing list for people interested in existential spirituality.

6. Kierkegaard Bibliography

books by and about Søren Kierkegaard.

7. Portals for Exploring Various Manifestations of
Our Existential Predicament or Existential Malaise

    Existential Anxiety: Angst

    Existential Loneliness

    Existential Depression


8. Best Books Critical of Paranormal

and "New Age" Thinking

reviews of several books that point out the failings of
paranormal and 'new age' thinking
and that support the scientific method.

9. Cults Bibliographies

reviews of several books critical of religious and psychological cults.
Human involvement in cults illustrates
something about the religious quest in our spirits.
And recovery from cult-involvement illustrates
the power of reason applied to distorted forms of spirituality.

10. Simplicity Bibliography

reviews of a few books that attempt to make our lives simpler
by helping us to focus on the most important dimensions.

11. Existential Spirituality Sampler

a few short, introductory essays, articles, and cyber-sermons
by James Park (none more than 3 pages long)
exploring some of the dimensions of existentialism spirituality:

Spirituality for Humanists:
Six Capacities of Our Human Spirits


a series of 8 cyber-sermons exploring in greater depth
the dynamics of our human spirits


        Loneliness of Spirit:
        Deeper than the Reach of Love .

        Being Depressed in Spirit:
        Deeper than Psychological Depression .

        Existential Anxiety:
        Angst .

        Sinking into the River of Existential Despair .

        Existential Guilt:
        Deeper than the Pangs of Conscience

        Looking for the Meaning of Life .


        No Gods Created the Universe .

        No Gods Wrote Holy Books .

        No Gods are All-Powerful .

        No Gods Are Watching Our Behavior .

        No Gods Can Save Us from Death .

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