4. Unitarian Universalism

Unitarian Universalism is a creed-free liberal religious movement.
Everyone who takes part in a UU activity or group
remains free to believe whatever seems right to him or her.
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Unitarian Universalist Association

1. Cyber-Sermon Registry

Thousands of on-line sermons from all over North America.

2. First Unitarian Universalist Church of the Internet

An emerging on-line community focused around cyber-sermons.

3. Small UU Congregations

Ways in which small UU congregations help one another.

4. Free Cyber-Sermons

Short discourses for individuals, small congregations, & study groups.

5. Spiritual Paths in Unitarian Universalism

Diverse spiritual paths within Unitarian Universalism
described in answer to 10 basic questions.

6. Internet Campus Ministry Resources

Resources and examples for UU campus groups.

7. Heart, Mind, & Spirit

An electronic magazine for UUs on campus.

8. Unitarian Universalist Internet Outreach

The beginnings of new electronic ways of reaching out to new people.

9. Unitarian Universalist Books

Some books presenting various aspects of Unitarian Universalism.

10. Unitarian Universalist Sampler

Short items---none more than three pages long---
exploring themes within Unitarian Universalism:

Why I Am A Unitarian Universalist


        No Gods Created the Universe

        No Gods Can Save Us from Death

        No Gods Are All-Powerful

        No Gods Are Watching Our Behavior

        No Gods Wrote Holy Books

Sex-and-Gender Minorities, Sexology,
and the Unitarian Universalist Movement

11. 50 Cyber-Sermon by James Park

12. Links to other Unitarian Universalist Websites:

A. Continental Unitarian Universalist Young Adult Network


This comprehensive website will give you leads
to a UU young adult/campus group near you. 

B. Unitarian Universalist Association


This link will give you hours of useful information
about the creed-free movement known as
Unitarian Universalism.
Andif interestedyou may find a congregation near you.
There are about 1,000 of them
in the United States and Canada.

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