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Imprinted Sexual Fantasies:

A New Key for Sexology

    The first edition of this book was published in 2008.
Here is the index page, which leads to about 50 pages from the book:

Variations of Sex & Gender:

Six Phenomena Frequently Confused

    Most of us have standard patterns of sex and gender,
but human persons come in infinite variety.
This small book explores six areas of variation:

(1) biological sex: female, male, or in-between;

(2) male/female self-designation: women, men, & transsexuals;

(3) sex-roles: everyday behavior assigned on the basis of sex;

(4) gender-personalities: thousands of possible gender-patterns;

(5) sexual orientation: heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual;

(6) transvestism: several different reasons for cross-dressing.

    Projected publication date: 2010.

    Here is the table of contents,
which leads to more than half of the book on the Interenet:


Sexology Sampler

Short essaysnone longer than three pages
on some selected themes of sexology:
Sources of Sexual Fantasies

Sex-and-Gender Minorities, Sexology,
and the Unitarian Universalist Movement

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