Directory of New Rooms in
An Existential Philosopher's Museum

    This home page has something over 1000 different 'rooms'
files visitors can read to their heart's content.

    Every week new rooms (files) are added
to one wing or another of this ever-growing museum.

    If you have toured parts of this online museum previously,
you may want to know what new features have been added
to a part of the museum you have enjoyed in the past.
Thus, this Directory of New Rooms
is organized in the same way as the museum itself:


    The Sixth Edition of New Ways of Loving:
How Authenticity Transforms Relationships
has now been published
Over 70 pages are available here.

    In addition to actual pages from the text of New Ways of Loving
a synopsis of each chapter has been created.
Each of these explains in 2 or 3 pages
what that chapter contains.

    An Agony Uncle Service has been invented.

    A Portal has been created for Romantic Love .
This brings together in one place
a list of all the resources critical of the romantic illusions.


    New books are added to the several bibliographies regularly.

    One of the largest bibliographies is Transsexualism .

    Imprinted Sexual Fantasies: A New Key for Sexology
was published in 2008.
50 pages from the text are available here,
including the complete first chapter.

    Variations of Sex & Gender:
Six Phenomena Frequently Confused

is projected for 2010.
More than half of the pages of this book
are linked from the title above.


    A three-page article has been drafted, entitled:
"Existential Anxiety: Angst"

    New bibliographies on Simplicity and Meaning in Life have been added.


    The opening page for Unitarian Universalism
has now been completely re-organized,
putting the largest, most popular room first,
the Cyber-Sermon Registry .  

    A related new set of rooms has been added,
called Free Cyber-Sermons ,
short discourses anyone may read
and use in small congregations and study groups.
These are organized by subject.

    The library of Heart, Mind, & Spirit
continues to grow as new feature articles
are selected by the subscribers to this on-line magazine.

    A new Sermon-of-the-Month has been created
for members of small Unitarian Universalists congregations.
These sermons are organized both chronologically and according to subject.
If these sermons interest you, you can join Smalltalk,
no matter where you live in the world.    

    In 2009 the First Unitarian Universalist Church of the Internet
moved to Facebook.


   Books Critical of  Pseudo-Science, Paranormal, & "New Age" Thinking .
This annotated bibliography continues to expand.
It now contains 18 books.  


    When Is a Person? Pre-Persons & Former Persons ,
an online book, has now been revised.
A printed version has been published (2009).

    James Park's Living Will or Advance Directive for Medical Care
has been revised.
All 47 pages are still available at the link above.

    Your Last Year:
Creating Your Own Advance Directive for Medical Care

was published in 2006.
All 24 Questions for a comprehensive Advance Directive
are introduced from the above table of contents.

    A Portal for Advance Directives has been created.
This gives many Internet resources useful for creating an Advance Directive.


    This area of an Existential Philosopher's Museum
is the most expanded in recent years.
Hundreds of new rooms are devoted to safeguards for life-ending decisions.
Laws relating to the right-to-die are profiled.

    A Portal for the Right-to-Die has been created.


    Three specialized profiles of James Park have been created.

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