About 20 rooms (files) on love: romance, Authenticity,
need, jealousy, sex, gender, babies, marriage, etc.

The History of Love—a Few Good Books

Love—Some Good Books


    The following numbered bibliographies refer to the chapters of
New Ways of Loving—one bibliography for each chapter.
More information about New Ways of Loving
appears after these 13 bibliographies.

1. Romantic Love—Best Critical Books

2. Authenticity Bibliography

3. Loving-in-Freedom Bibliography (more suggestions needed)

4. Loving-without-Needing Bibliography (more suggestions needed)

5. Jealousy—The Best Books

6. Multiple Loving Bibliography

7. The Sex-Script Hypothesis—The Best Books

8. Gender—The Best Books

9. The Decision to Have Children—Best Books

10. Traditional Marriage—Best Critical Books

11. Relationships Journals—(suggestions needed)

12. Choosing to Live in Separate Households—(suggestions needed)

13. Loving in Existential Freedom

a challenging book on love, now it its 6th edition:

New Ways of Loving:
How Authenticity Transforms Relationships

If you click this title, you will be able to read
more than 60 pages from the 2007 edition of New Ways of Loving .

A Brief History of My Book on Love

Loving Relationships—Presentations

Loving Relationships—Classes

1. New Ways of Loving:
How Authenticity Transforms Relationships

2. Online class on New Ways of Loving

3. Workshop on Romantic Love

Agony Uncle Service

Portals for Deeper Exploration of Love:

1. Romantic Love is a Hoax!
Emotional Programming to 'Fall in Love'

Several links exposing the myth of romantic love.

2. Jealousy: Romantic & Sexual Replacement

Several resources for understanding and coping with the passion of jealousy.

Love Sampler:
Short Articles on Love: 

Romantic Love Is a Hoax!
Emotional Programming to 'Fall in Love'
The Romantic Love Test:
How Do We Know if We Are in Love?
Growing in Love:
21 Ways to Become Less Dependent & More Authentic

Loving in Freedom

Romantic Jealousy:
Cause and Prevention

Separating Lust and Love

The Future of Love and Marriage

Four Ways to Achieve Same-Sex Marriage

Relationship Contracts

Designer Marriage:
Write Your Own Relationship Contract

Best Books on Relationship Contracts

Best Books Critical of Tradlitional Marriage

First Books on Same-Sex Marriage

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