Our imprinted sex-scripts can be divided into three related layers:

     1.  Our sexual-interest scripts:
These stories, images, & ideas catch our interest in sexual ways.
When we find the sexual parts of our minds responding involuntarily
to specific objects that tantalize us or grab our attention,
this might disclose the contents of our sexual-interest scripts.
Why are we interested in sex?

     2.  Our sexual-arousal scripts:
When certain ideas pass thru our minds, they arouse our bodies sexually.
For instance, when we are reading sexy passages in books,
we might find our bodies getting ‘turned on’ involuntarily.
Why are some ideas sexually arousing?

     3. Our sexual-orgasm scripts:
In humans, sexual orgasm is usually accompanied by some mental content.
Some images and fantasies consistently cause orgasms.
Or we might experience the fantasy-orgasm connection the other way around:
When we have orgasms, certain images or stories flash thru our minds.
Why do some fantasy ideas or stories cause orgasm?

     Female breasts frequently appear in male sex-scripts on all levels:
Men find women’s breasts of intense sexual interest.
Some men become sexually aroused when viewing or thinking about breasts.
And breasts appear as a strong fantasy-object in some men’s orgasms.

     Because our sex-scripts are abstract, they work best with strangers
—people who correspond to our imprinted sexual fantasies.
We can project our fantasies more easily on strangers:
Intriguing new people trigger our sexual interest, arousal, & orgasms.

     Instant sexual attraction is often an expression of our imprinted sex-scripts.
If we get to know the person deeply, the “chemistry” sometimes disappears,
because it was “all in our heads” to begin with.
And if we find other reasons to continue the relationship,
we might be able to look back on the first encounter
and distinguish what parts of our responses manifested our sex-scripts
and what elements were more meaningful things we noticed about each other.

     When sex-scripts are the main dynamic, relationships are often short-lived.
And if we find that we have a series of short, intense sexual connections,
perhaps we should re-examine the reasons behind our relationships.
Finding someone who ‘really turns us on’ can be a wonderful experience,
but if we want more enduring relationships,
we need something to share beyond our imprinted sexual fantasies.

Chapter IV                 THREE LEVELS OF SEX-SCRIPTS                 by JAMES PARK                   55

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