Best Books on Death

Best Books on Preparing for Death

Books on Terminal Care

Best Books on the Right-to-Die

Books Opposing the Right-to-Die

Best Book on Voluntary Death

Books on Helping Patients to Die

Books on Definitions of Death

Is there Life After Death? The Best Books

The Right-to-Die Portal

A collection of Internet resources on the right-to-die.

Safeguards for Life-Ending Decisions

For persons who believe in the right-to-die.
This website explores the creation of new and better safeguards
to prevent premature death, irrational suicide,
and other abuses of the right-to-die.

The Hospice Cooperation Project

This website seeks better cooperation between
the hospice movement and the right-to-die movement.

Organ Donation after Execution

This portal collects Internet resources
relating to the possibility that prisoners on death-row
might be permitted to donate their organs after death.

Death & Dying---Presentations by James Park

Adult Classes and Workshops on Death & Dying

Working for the Right-to-Die

A chapter from Becoming More Authentic


Taking Death in Stride: Practical Planning .

The One-Month-Less Club:
Live Well Now, Omit the Last Month

Pulling the Plug:
A Paradigm for Life-Ending Decisions

Fifteen Safeguards for Life-Ending Decisions .

A New Way to Secure the Right-to-Die:
Laws against Causing Premature Death

Choosing Your Date of Death:
How to Achieve a Timely Death
---Not too Soon, Not too Late

Will this Death be an "Irrational Suicide" or a "Voluntary Death"? .

Will this Death be a "Mercy-Killing" or a "Merciful Death"? .

Four Legal Methods of Choosing Death .

Voluntary Death by Dehydration .

Voluntary Execution:
Better than Capital Punishment?

Several similar files are available in the MEDICAL ETHICS section of this website.

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