LXB - Linux X11/Motif GUI Builder

A Brief Description

lxb is an X/Motif interactive graphical user interface builder. With it you can build a GUI made up of Motif widgets instantiated from a pallet, move and resize them, edit their resources, and move about in the widget heirarchy. Once the GUI is built, pressing a button will produce the required C source files to build the GUI, and an X resource file and Makefile.

Please note that lxb is a work in progress. The ability to handle Callbacks is only partially completed. Not all Motif widgets are available, nor can all resources be edited. There are many features of a good GUI builder yet to be done.

lxb is currently at about Motif version 1.2, although most of the development was done using Moitf 1.1. lxb should compile and run against later versions of Motif as well.

Screen Shots and Descriptions

System Requirements

If compiling source to produce your lxb program, there should be no special system requirements.

LessTif instead of Motif

There is a free version of Motif called LessTif available. The program lxb should works with fine with LessTif, though I have not exhaustively tested it myslef.

For more information on LessTif check out their homepage

Other UN*XES

A while ago I had also compiled and run lxb on Solaris 2.4 (X11R5 and Motif 1.2) with no difficulty. I have heard that it has been ported and run on HP and SGI but my knowledge concerning that is limited. There should be little trouble in porting lxb to other systems. The program started it's life on a 486 with X11R5 and Motif 1.1, and not much has changed with it up through this release. Being at the lowest common denominator, lxb should work for most everyone.

Where To Get lxb

The latest version of lxb is version 0.51

For now, you can get the current released version of lxb source code, in tar and gzipped format here.

The previous released version 0.5 can be downloaded here.

Other downloads...

Future Plans

The future plans for the program lxb are many and varied. I am currently working on a major releass (as 0.51 is just a minor one) with a new disign, upgraded code throughout, added features, etc, etc. This release is will be redesigned in a major way - hopefull an improvement in many ways.

The capability to handle Callbacks needs to be implemented.

New widgets, new resources, all need to be added.

A configure script to make cross platform Makefiles is needed.

A way of adding outside widgets needs to be looked at

Another area is upgrading the code generated.

Many GUI editors need creation for colors, fontlist, and the like remain to be done. For now we get by with crude text versions.

I am interested in getting an ascii savefile interface file format in use. This will allow other GUI builders to interface with lxb, as well as promising potential for future uses of other GUI toolkits in use today.

Also of interest is the generation of GUI code in other languages and toolkits, such as JAVA.

And of course it never ends.

Feedback Appreciated

I would be interested in hearing from you if you find a use for lxb, and/or if you would like to be kept informed as to the status of the project. Please send any bug reports, fixes, enhancements, ports to other systems, etc, to:


To my homepage

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