Praat Language Lab

Praat Language Lab

Praat Language Lab was developed to help students and language teachers learn to use the Praat software to improve spoken English. Many colleges and universities use Praat to provide visual feedback to spoken sound. However, support to use the tool outside the language lab has been limited. We hope that this site supports your use Praat on your own to improve your spoken English.

How to Use the Site

The Learn to Use section has video instructions that show you how to use Praat at home for language learning. The Lessons section has Word Stress lessons that show how Praat can be used specifically to help you master English word stress. The Resources section has a collection of sites and guides that will help you extend your learning further.

About Praat Language Lab

Praat Language Lab was developed by University of Minnesota students and staff Paul Baepler, Cheryl Ekegren, Lauren Marsh, Amanda Rondeau and Penny Thompson. Mary Jetter from the Center for Teaching and Learning Services provided content expertise, feedback, and evaluation.

We hope you find the site useful. Please let us know what you think by emailing us at


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