Chris Parker
Chris Parker
this is me

Just a little page to connect all my sites and interests.
Is there a pattern here? I don't see it yet.

Jeremiad is my political rant site. Also has the one song I have up on the web.

Boats - built a little boat. It's been a great adventure, learning enough to start swinging a hammer, seeing something pretty emerge, and seeing that thing actually float right side up.

Gamelan - Central Javanese bronze gong orchestra.

Food - my other great love. This little page just lists my favorite places around campus.

Movies - this page has all I have to say about the movies, except that I'm still waiting for the next installments of Back to the Future and Galaxy Quest.

Well, okay, I have one more thing to say about movies: I made one.

Astronomy - say, this is important!

Travel - on-planet, that is.

Demolition - a belovèd campus icon goes under the wrecking ball.

Putzing in the basement - I'm big on silly projects.



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