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Tim Id Productions is dedicated to the promotion of Do it Yourself (DiY) music, also known as cassette culture, home taping and home recording. It is the home of DiYers Bat Lenny and Stegor- so scan down the page for info on released tapes, reviews and sampled sound files. Tim Id also features the home tapers TAPE OF THE MONTH to provide a flavor of what's out there.

E-mail us if you want to submit or trade a tape, or if you have comments, questions or suggestions.

For further cool DiY stuff check out the following sites:

"...Now That's Interesting...", a show within The Show The Musical Transporation Spree on KFAI FM 90.3 in Minneapolis and 106.7 in St. Paul featuring music by home tapers.

Bryan Baker's Gajoob Magazine is a must.

Jim Santo's Demo Universe is also quite worthwhile.

In one form or another Bat Lenny has ...

Stegor is one of four detachable tentacles ...

Crop Circles

and the Tape of the Month is ...

The Musical Transportation Spree

Stay tuned for upchucking infomation on these bands and more!

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