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Apropos of nothing (but interesting)

Not quite serious

This is how you close a border (don't miss the handshake)

My Blackberry is not working

Uncle Joe gets a new car

Shakespeare Baseball

I am worried about my grade

Music video across the channels

The movies of our lives


Philosopher soccer

Synchronized bicycling

More power!

Argument by example: Survived by his wife!

This is how you chew out the refs - - and earn a standing O.

Fail, fail, fail

Jump right in

You have to be kidding me

Why I don't swim


Precision: U.S. Navy silent drill team in Norway

Korean Freestyle Slalom Rollerblading

Everyday CGI

That was close

Leadership down under

Comedy around the cultures

Native Comedy Slam

Learning how to tell a joke

Jack Benny and the fourth wall

Fluffy does Indian

The traffic stop (start at 50:20)

Who's on first and a pale imitation


Rock on

It needs more xylophone

Not my pop bottle

Memes memes memes

Hitler is fed up with the Hitler rants

Hitler / pepper spray policeman

Hitler / Kansas State BB



Buckely, Firing Line

Stewart on Crossfire


Special Greek rant & chaos section

Could you survive this, capitalist leeches?

Oxi! Oxi!

Dock this!


Phil Davison rocks the tone

Talking about repetition

Up the tree on Q & A

Eastwood makes chair's day

We know, Caroline, we know

Your gestures are completely out of your mind

Bush on the Global Warmings

Get angry!

..but keep your composure

All the bad business speeches at once

All your inspiration at once

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