Clara NiiSka
  Ph.D. Candidate - Social-Cultural Anthropology

· résumé

· the Ph.D. dissertation ... I am working on an exploration of Indigenous epistemology, specifically including Ahnishinahbæótjibway understandings of and relationships with the land.
· Photography
panoramic photo: 300 block, Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota
 · panorama: 300 block - South Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis

   · recent photography
            - Chris Spotted Eagle and Bill Means on Indian Uprising
            ·  herbalist Matthew Wood

   · of enduring interest:

     · Macalester College directory: 1973
     · The Rodiya: Outcastes of Sri Lanka

     · Red Lake
             · Lake Ice
             · Sunset at Red Lake
             · Wub·e·ke·niew
             · Wub·e·ke·niew and Jesse

    · websites:
                            #1 Google hits include: Lake Superior Half·Breed Scrip, Ojibwe bibliographyRansom Judd Powell papers,
                                  Red Lake Court of Indian Offenses, yeast growth curve
                            #2: Enforcement of the Indian Civil Rights Act

                            #1 Google hit:  Ojibwe genealogy; #2 Google hit: Lake Superior Half·Breed Scrip        

· academic papers
     · More than Track Soup
     · Masters Thesis
                ... and more

· Native American Press / Ojibwe News
      ·  editing & writing for a weekly newspaper
       ·  award·winning journalism
       ·  Jawnie Hough

· fiction
     · Silence is Golden
     · "The Crime of the Century"

· radio

                   Womanist Power Authority on KFAI Radio:
                         Women's wellness: information about breast cancer
                         Matthew Wood
                         Yako Tahnahga

· & miscellaneous ...


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