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To join the club's email list, email with "SUBSCRIBE MINDFULNESS-CLUB" in the subject line AND body of the message.

Audio Files:

- 10 min Guided Meditation led by Jean Haley (wma /3Mb)

- "And When I Rise, Let Me Rise" song by Chi Sing (mp3 /1Mb)

- Guided meditation mp3s from CSH

Welcome to Mindfulness for Students!

Instructor Jean H.

The Mindfulness for Students club helps students deal with stress skillfully and build self awareness through guided meditation and qi gong. The club has no religious affiliation, and is open to all students of all experience levels.

Each week a local mindfulness instructor leads the club in meditation, yoga, or qigong. The classes emphasize practical techniques for managing stress, lowering anxiety, and increasing concentration. On a deeper level, students are encouraged to be present in each moment by becoming more attentive to thoughts and sensations in the mind and body.

Students Finding Balance

Gathering Zafus!

Many students develop imbalanced living habits as a result of the daily demands of schoolwork. Often, we unknowingly cultivate habits that lead to sleep deprivation, poor nutrition, lack of fitness, and a high degree of anxiety. Mindfulness for Students aims to provide students with the tools to recognize and effectively manage such stress. The club's ancillary goal is to foster a community of students practicing mindfulness by offering reliable instruction in a safe and supportive environment.

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