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The Basics

Who | Martha Lueders
What | Freelance Journalist, Golden Gopher Alum
When | Graduated May 2015
Where | Minneapolis, MN
Why | Self-proclaimed nerd whose passion is telling stories

The In-depth Scoop

I dream of a world where your work is play and where the joy of making lists is shared by all.

Born in a small, country town I ventured to the Twin Cities to escape the sounds of tractors roaring in my backyard. At the U I pursued my passion for writing by majoring in journalism with a minor in communication studies. I graduated in May 2015.

As a journalist my creative endeavors have been featured on MPR News, Murphy News Service, The Journal and Canby News, to name a few. In my free time I scoured the streets for Peanuts statues to post to my blog.

When my fingers aren't stampeding across the keyboard frantically trying to keep up with my brain, I'm Instagramming the meals I've miraculously connocted.

I'm an endless dreamer with my nose either in a book or smelling a fresh cup of brewed coffee or tea. It's exhilarting to check off goals on my bucket list. Up next is visiting all 50 states -- only six more to go!

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